How to Boost Your Sales in this Coming Christmas

How to Boost Your Sales in this Coming Christmas? For every online business sellers, this is a great season to boost their sales greatly and definitely a season to close the year. It is also an opportunity to move in new products and clear old inventory to kick-start a brand new year.

Who doesn’t love Christmas? Everyone loves Christmas especially the gifts. According to Google Trends, last year 2014, the keyword “Christmas Gifts” had huge traffic search when the season is nearing and descending when Christmas is over.

“Christmas Gifts” Interest in Google Trends

Google Trends on Christmas Gifts

(Source from Google Trends)

Now we are going to discuss how to boost your sales in this coming Christmas. Back to basic, planning ahead is always the best weapon to target this coming Christmas. This way you will get yourself organized and prepared.

5 Tips to Boost Your Sales in this Coming Christmas

1. Festive Landing Page

Christmas Website template

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  • Having your website with festive feel sure does creates the atmosphere. It’s Christmas, so try to create that unique atmosphere that will make your customers stay. Decorate your online store with Christmas colors, having some bells, stars, Christmas trees and etc. Spread out the Christmas Spirit through your online store.

2. Attractive Christmas Offers

Christmas Offer

(Source from A.B. Whelan)

  • Run a Contest
    • Who doesn’t love contest that can win you great prizes or gifts in this holiday season? Running a contest can proof to be the most engaging way between you and your customers, whether it’s a photo contest, video contest or even photo caption contest. Having a competition in your online store is a sure way to get your brand out there.
  • Offer Discounts and Promotions
    • Offer 20%, 30% or even 50% discount for customers that purchase through your websites. This will boost your conversion rate. There are quite a lot of methods to offer your discount or promotions to your customer. Offering discounts and promotions are one way to convert new traffics to your potential customers. For example, you can set up a pop up page that offer 50% discount by just subscribing. Not only you turn your traffic into potential customers but also having his/her e-mail that will prove to be useful for your business in the future.
  • Create Urgency
    • There are many ways to offer attractive Christmas Offers but there is no other way like this by creating urgency in your offer. For example, “5 days left for 70% discount on every item purchased” in your landing page. This method will definitely boost your conversion rate easily just by utilizing your customer’s sense of urgency.

3. Special Christmas Service

Special Christmas Service

  • Free Shipping
    • If your online store has never offer free shipping before, now it’s the time. The 2nd most important factor for your customer to purchase through your online store would be the free shipping especially in this holiday season. You might want to check out EasyParcel. We provide online courier service booking platform for you to deliver your products at SGD5 per kg only. If all this while,your online store has been offering free shipping, stick to it.
  • Gift Wrapping Service
    • In this Christmas season, offering gift wrapping service not only boost your customer satisfaction but also added some value in the gifts bought by your customers. This is a popular service offered during this season as it saves a lot of your customers’ time.
  • Customized Personal Message
    • With free gift wrapping service, one of the offer that must come together would be customized personal message. Customers would love to write something  to their beloved recipients. In this season, majority of your sales will be purchased as gifts so you would like to take this advantage to offer your customers more, giving them a sense of luxury through your service.

4. Aggressive Advertising

Aggressive Advertising

(Source from Crown Advertising)

Before going into point, every business no matter big or small, you will have to determine which ads channel would work best for you. Analyzing more data and doing more research will save you tons of money when investing in ads, which is why preparing before execution is vital here.

  • E-mail Marketing
    • If previously you have use e-mail marketing in your online store, now it’s the time to utilize it. Just by using your existing database and blasting out discounts coupons will collect you more sales than other ads channel. If your e-mail list is segmented into category based on their interest or previous item purchased, it’s even better this way, you would know how to target your customer easily.
  • Blog Post
    • Content is King, we all know that. This is why having a blog post that fit this holiday season would attract a lot of new visitors or traffic and potentially converting them into your customers. One of the must have blog post would be “Christmas Gift Ideas” because people will do research before they buy. Just by providing them a list would increase your search engine optimization as mentioned above, “Christmas Gift” had a huge spike when the season is just around the corner last year.
  • Facebook Ads
    • By far, Facebook Ads is the best way to reach out to people around the world. You can choose to target a lot of aspect here such as demographics, interest and many more. Facebook Ads even provide a simple interface to set up your ads even you  have no experience using it before.
  • Google Adwords
    • If you have experience before in using Google Adwords, you might want to consider advertising through it. Beware that in this holiday season, you might need to bid aggressively as there will be a lot online stores out there advertising their campaign as well. One way to attract your customers through Google Adwords would be using some catchy words in your call to action such as “50% discount”, “Free Shipping”, “Free Gift Wrapping Service” and many more.

5. Stock Up Supplies

Stock Up Supplies

(Source from Decorator’s Warehouse)

  • In this holiday season, you will be expecting to garner a lot of sales in and you do not want to be in a position of apologizing and replying your customers due to out of stock. Make sure you have enough stocks between the week of Christmas. If you are able to fulfill last minute order on the 23rd for last minute shopper, that would further push your sales before the season ends.

Before the big season arrived, it is vital to plan ahead as well as preparing it. This is to make sure every details is taken into account. You would want to avoid doing last minute job as in this busy season, leaving out any key pieces of plan would be huge blow to your business. Last but not least, planning and preparing without execution is pointless.

“Vision without Execution is Hallucination” by Thomas Edison

Hope this post would be able serve you as a piece of vital knowledge to boost your sales in this coming Christmas.


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