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32% out of 68% of online merchant earning less than RM1,000 sales a month. – OnlineMerchantsMalaysia2 pix

The rapid growth of SMEs in Malaysia is estimated to grow to ONE million in 2012, which is accounting up to 99.2 per cent of total business establishments. Meanwhile, according to XclueSIV 68 per cent of online merchants make less than RM10k sales a month.

One of the major obstacles most SMEs are facing is expensive costs involved. SMEs have limited budget but at the same time they are trying their best to provide quality services to their clients. This can be clearly seen from many online merchant stores which provide free shipping services to drive sales. Although free shipping  is a widely used strategy and is viewed as table stakes, however it is a cost for doing business online. Besides that, 64 per cent of the online merchants responded that the most challenging task is to do marketing and to increase sales online.

According to Environmental Leader, sustainability helps SMEs cut costs and increase profitability. The Maidenhead Advertiser reported the survey result on SMEs by the UK bank showed that more than half of the SMEs saw cost benefits of implementing sustainability practices. On top of that, the surveys also found that 87 per cent of businesses that have implemented sustainable business practices say there are benefits to this such as reduced costs, increased profitability or positively affecting the environment. the 1st Southeast Asia web based courier portal that provides one-click shipping service that customized to help Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and e-retailers.

EasyParcel innovation creates efficiency and savings by expediting high-volume lightweight parcels and documents at a greater value. This means that you get reduced rates without sacrificing service. Further, EasyParcel helps to promote green environment as you no longer need to travel to post office but to wait for the courier man to pick up your parcel from you.

EasyParcel provides user friendly eCommerce shipping platform for Malaysian eCommerce online merchants. It is also very economical for big for small scale retailers with an average of saving over 20 per cent – 30 per cent of their freight bills. Besides of the low shipping rates, the automation of a generally cumbersome shipping process helps merchants gain peace of mind when it comes to shipping orders.

In other words, EasyParcel provides a simplified shipping platform where businesses could book any manner of consignment for delivery at prices they couldn’t achieve themselves, backed up by the knowledge and expertise of industry veterans.


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