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EasyParcel was featured in the magazine and has been recommended as everyone’s online personal assistant.

“Multitasking can be a challenge. whether you are a working mother, an entrepreneur who has just started a business or the average busy working adults.” Personal Money Magazine.

Busy adults may hire a personal assistant to assist in daily tasks but that is not a practical solution if you do not need a full-time PA. This is when online services come in, to help you take care of mundane tasks. Personal Magazine recommended three online services that can simplify daily tasks.


SupaHands was launched in January 2014 by Mark Koh and Susian Yeap. This online platform offers personal assistance to anyone who needs help on simple daily tasks. SupaHands charges RM4 to RM8 that worth 20 minutes of an agent’s time. SupaHands can help you to arrange accommodations, make research, look for vacation spots and book a restaurant for your dinner tonight.

The company is giving away two free Hands when a new user sign-up. Log in to to get a Hand!


This is another online platform that provides services online. In simple words, helps you to “Outsource your to-do list to a trusted person”. The process is easy. First, sign up for a account on the website. GoGet will then publish your task to GoGetters out there.

“ connects people who do’t have time with people who do and can get the job done. Think of it as a marketplace for errands, just like how Uber or MyTeksi are for taxis.” Francesca Chia, founder of

More information on their services is available on the website.

3. EasyParcel

EasyParcel is an online platform that provides delivery services through online booking. In simple term, anyone who has a parcel or document to deliver within Malaysia, can make orders online and select a courier provider that they prefer. EasyParcel partnered with renowned courier providers in Singapore such as Roadbull, SF Express, SimplyPost, Airpak, UPS and more to provide delivery service.

“With this service, users no longer need to pick up the phone or personally go to the post office to send their documents or parcels. The prices are the same either way.” Personal Money.

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