Selling on the internet is never as easy as what it may seem. You need to have a good product image, great marketing techniques and definitely widespread online social platforms to put your products on sale. In fact, you may pay too much attention towards traditional marketing, that you didn’t notice certain mobile apps that may get you extra sales!

Selling through mobile apps can be beneficial to your business, as you can make instant inventory changes and communicate with customers even on-the-go! We have selected a few buy-and-sell apps that we think could bring you more attention and sales to your business.

1. Carousell


Google Play Store: 500,000+ downloads
Rating: 4.2

App Store: Available

Carousell has a community of Malaysian buyers and sellers selling brand new or used products via the app or website. Sellers can easily snap photos from the app or upload products from your gallery to get listed. It’s so user friendly that everyone can sell anything, including used clothes, gadgets and toys with just a few clicks.

Buyers who are interested with the listed items may “Make an Offer” by stating the price they’re offering for the product or “Chat” with the sellers if there are further enquiries. No charges on any product sold.

Buyers/sellers can “Follow” accounts that they prefer and check their accounts to get latest product updates.

duriana 2. Duriana


Google Play Store: 100,000+ downloads
Rating: 3.7

App Store: Available

Duriana is another great app that provides an easy buying and selling platform in Malaysia. Sellers can easily upload photos, enter product descriptions, delivery methods (shipping or meet up) and link their products on sale to Facebook. Buyers may rate sellers for the products they had bought. One special feature of Duriana is that it enables buyers to look for sellers near them. This is good for those that prefer to meet up and receive cash for a transaction.

This is an interactive app as buyers and sellers can easily communicate via “Chat to buy” function. Buyers/sellers may “Follow” accounts that they like. No charges on any product sold.

lelong 3. Lelong


Google Play Store: 100,000+ downloads
Rating: 4.1

App Store: Available

The Lelong app provides an all-in-one shopping service, with a shopping cart and built-in payment method. Lelong store members can manage their lelong store via the app to view orders and answer customer’s enquiries.

This app makes buying easy, as users can make payments and enter a delivery address to complete their purchase.

m2u snap&Sell 4. M2U Pay Snap&Sell


Google Play Store: 10,000+ downloads
Rating: 3.0

App Store: Available

This app basically provides secured online transaction services to both buyer and seller who have Maybank2u accounts. Sellers can snap product photos, enter product descriptions and sell items on Facebook and Twitter.

Buyers/sellers now have the convenience to transact via M2U Pay so both sides may skip the hassle to check for payment status and buyers can skip the process of sending proof of payment to the seller. Sellers will be able to receive push notifications once payment is received.

ebay 5. eBay Malaysia
Google Play Store: 50,000,000 downloads worldwide
Rating: 4.3

App Store: Available

When it’s on your mind, it’s on eBay. This tagline from eBay is strong enough to tell us that everything we need is available on eBay. Sellers may upload photos and get your items listed. Sellers may select their preferable shipping method (local pick up – COD is available) as well as payment method (Paypal).

One strong benefit of eBay is that it has a super huge number of communities and may create sales if your product is appealing enough.

lamido 6. Lamido
Google Play Store: 100,000+
Rating: 3.7

App Store: Not Available

Lamido enables seamless synchronisation between the Lamido app, website and mobile site. Sellers can easily enjoy synchronised listings and sales history from the app. Lamido is different from other apps in terms of product upload as sellers are not able to upload products directly from the app.

Another interesting feature includes instant messaging to allow quick communication between merchants and customers.

Online ecommercing has gone extremely easy, where anyone can now sell and buy online. Buyers can look for products that they want easily, therefore sellers have to be available at all time. What do you do when you receive an order? You deliver the product and product deliveries in Malaysia have never been so easy without online delivery bookings.


closetstyles  7. Closetstyles

App Store: Available

Officially launched on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2015, CLOSETStyles provide a social platform for ladies to buy and sell fashion out of their closets.

Ladies out there can easily list your “unloved” items via the app and earn “Closet Cash” from their items sold. This literally means that anyone can easily turn their closet into cash! So out of the many C-to-C marketplace app available, what makes CLOSETStyles stand out from the rest?

csapp2 csapp

CLOSETStyles makes selling and delivery convenient to customers. For every items sold, CLOSETStyle will send assign a courier to collect the item from seller and deliver to buyer. All sellers need to do is to list their product and manage payments! Other than that, both seller and buyer are secured with establish payment gateway to make sure all transactions are protected.

If you have a pair of jeans or earring that you do not love anymore, don’t hide it in your closet. Download the app here and earn money from it!

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