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Shipping costs are one of the biggest expenses for many small businesses,

but resourceful entrepreneurs are finding ways to reduce the sting.

– Jane Porter (Entrepreneur writer & editor)

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Shipping costs are one the pains for many small businesses. Most of the shipping couriers charged a parcel based on its size and weight. Therefore, you have to do your best to keep your packaging as light and small as possible in order to save your shipping costs and packaging costs from eating away your margin.

Before sending a parcel, you need to get the right packaging for your items to ensure that it will arrive safely. Below are the packaging options for parcel delivery.




There are 5 ways which can be effective to cut down the businesses’ costs:

  1. Getting the right package size

    It is important to get the right package size for your parcel because it helps you to save more! Bubble Wrap is an ideal wrapping option as it is cheap and it is environmental friendly because it is recyclable. Bubble Wrap is recommended for parcel packaging as it reduces the number of returns caused by damage. Your products should fit the shipping box safely and securely to ensure it does not migrate during transportation. Damaged goods during shipment will cost you money on returns and refunds as well as creating customer dissatisfaction.

  2. Compare multiple carriers, ship using your favourite carrier

    No single carrier is the most cost effective in all categories. Every carrier has it niche. Many businesses don’t have the time or resources to scour the marketplace to look for the best deals. With EasyParcel, competitive shipping rate between multiple carriers is provided and you can choose your to ship your parcel using your favourite carrier within few clicks on your electronic devices!

  3. Negotiate for better rates

    You will probably disappointed when you wasted your travel time to every carrier buy you don’t get the rate that you deserve.  EasyParcel charges a very basic quarterly recurring platform rent and discounted shipping rates. Whether you fulfil one order a day or one thousand – customers can always enjoy the same discounted rates across all major courier services in Malaysia. On average EasyParcel is saving its customers with over 20% – 30% of their freight bills.

  4. Use online shipping

    One way to save shipping costs is to pay shipping online. EasyParcel helps to save more due to its no fussy documentation or process flow because you no longer need to make a trip to the post office and queue up at post office. Within a few clicks from your electronic devices, your selected carrier will send their courier man to collect your delivery parcel from your house! From import, sort and process customers’ orders are based on customers’ preferences. No one allows as much automation as  EasyParcel does!

  5. Reuse boxes

    There are a lot of products that come in boxes which can be reused. Remove all labels if you are reusing a box and make sure that the box is not worn and in good shape. You can as well reuse the box by turning the box inside out. Again, you have to remove the labels even if you are using as inside packaging. If the box breaks open or outside label falls off, your items could end up delivered to the wrong place.

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