Everyone is talking about selling things online. Don’t you agree with me?

Yeah! But how?

“How to start an online business?”, this will be the question that you will be wondering.

So here we are, to introduce you some of the tools, or you could say 5 tools that will definitely get you started.


1. First, You Will Need A Website – Shopify

It sounds hard at first even for me to build a website. You might be thinking of all the coding to be done and bla bla bla, so on and so forth. But it’s the new era, you don’t need programming skill to build a website.

All you need is an eCommerce platform, Shopify that simplifies all the process. No coding needed. Promise! 🙂

Oh yeah, you can sign up for their 14 days free trial just to try out all their features. One word, AWESOME!!


2. I’m Not Good At Designing, What’s Next? – Canva

Yeah, that’s what everyone thought. You will need good Photoshop skills to edit or beautify the product images, design banners for ads and many more.

Not anymore! Just use Canva, a drag and drop software that will help you to design professional banners, logos or even make your product image look more nice. It’s that simple. Try it yourself. Plus it’s FREE!


3. How To Receive My Payment? – Paypal

With all the designs and website set up, you will need some kind of way to receive your payment from your customers. For start, I personally think Paypal will be the most suitable as it’s available worldwide and it’s safe & secure.

Using Paypal, your customers can pay with their credit/debit card directly and at the end of the month, you can just cash out into bank account. 😀


4. Start Promoting Your Products Or Services – Buffer

Both of us can agree that we spend most our time on social medias – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. And one of the key success of launching a business is by leveraging on social medias.

But managing all of it can be quite hectic, don’t you think so? So normally what I did was I use this brilliant tool – Buffer where you can schedule posts, analyze performance and manage all your social media accounts in one place. Furthermore, you can get started for FREE!


5. $ Ka-Ching $, What To Do Next? – EasyParcel

$Ka-ching$, your very first sale just came in.. Woohooo!!! That’s the feeling I felt when my first sale came in.

So what’s next? You will have to fulfill that order – ship product(s) to your customer.

And that’s where we come in – EasyParcel, we’re an online booking platform for courier service where you can compare rates from 9 courier companies, Book and Ship! + Free door to door pick up is provided as well.

Just sign up for FREE now. 😀

That’s about it for now and stay tuned for our next blog post as we release more awesome eCommerce tips and tricks.

Last but not least, hope you will find this blog post useful and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@easyparcel.sg. 😀