Over the past few months, our partnered couriers have been giving us some advice on how their parcels should be wrapped. They don’t need something like the above image happening in their centres, driving them crazy.

To make sure your parcels arrive safely, we’re going to do something today: by guiding you, our customer (and future ones), on how to properly wrap packages. Please follow the steps that will be outlined below:


1. Do not use newspaper or printed material for wrapping


We understand that you really do have a lot of newspaper over at your place, but please, avoid using it, as it may endanger your parcel to possible damage (as newspaper is really thin and fragile. Also, many distracting words on them).

Please use normal wrapping paper (like Kraft paper or Manila paper) to cover your packages, so that it doesn’t accidentally confuse the couriers to send them to some foreign place, like Timbuktu! Flyers from courier companies would be best preferred.


2. Write Airway Bill (AWB) number on your packaging


Our next step in this process is very simple: writing your Air Waybill (AWB) number on your packaging. Remember how we stuck paper on walls to remind us of things to do? The same applies to the couriers. By looking at the parcel’s AWB number, they’ll know what to reference.


3.  Stick our AWBs unto our parcels

Finally, the way we stick our AWBs unto our parcels. One has to make the AWB stand out, by sticking the AWB right on the middle (preferably a flat surface) of the parcel so that we can make sure that both courier and receiver can identify the parcel.


When sticking your AWB, please don’t do it like the above. Follow this small guide below for how to stick it:

After printing out your Air Waybill, please separate the AWB into their various copies. Make sure that you keep the sender’s copy for any sort of physical confirmation, but staple the receiver and other AWB copies together (with the receiver’s copy on the bottom).

This is to make sure that the copies do not get lost and the courier is able to identify it clearly. These next few images will display how the Air Waybills should be pasted on parcels for the various couriers:



4. Sign on Sender’s Copy

EasyParcel airway bill

Before letting the courier collect that package of yours, make sure that the courier man signed on that sender’s copy of the AWB (or on the log book if you have more than a 100 shipments and a single signature from the courier). If there’s no signature, there’s no compensation from the couriers for any sort of issues that may come.


Confused? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Contact us if you want to make sure our couriers do not literally go crazy.