Monthly delivery charges for certain eCommerce sellers may take up to 30% of their monthly profit. Therefore, not all sellers are able to offer free shipping to customers.

But do you know that ‘FREE SHIPPING” is a powerful word that may attract tons of customers?

free shipping research

According to Forrester Research, 75% of customers prefer to shop with an online retailer that offers free shipping.

The Conference Board Survey supports these same findings, reporting that 90% of consumers say free shipping would also entice consumers to spend even more online.

UPS survey

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A study carried out by UPS in 2014 shows that 81% of consumers will proceed to making purchases from sites that provide free shipping option.

So what does this means to eCommerce sellers and how should they approach this issue? Free shipping can be made possible at lowest cost possible at current delivery rate offered by various courier companies in Malaysia.

Besides, consumers are 63% more likely to shop in eCommerce sites that display estimated delivery date on delivery price and option page. Sites that offers better option on payment method create much more convenience to consumers and can increase site patronage.

So what should eCommerce sellers do?

There are plenty of eCommerce websites that offers free shipping for certain amount of purchase or for some period of time.  Examples:


free delivery




fancy deals



3) Mos Fashion


mos fashion


Free delivery is possible with current low delivery rate offered by various courier companies in Malaysia. It is now easier to check for delivery fees from all couriers and it is even possible to easily switch from one courier to another.