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“Being an e-commerce seller ourselves, we always felt that there is still something missing in the entire e-commerce ecosystem.”

Heading the direction addressing of this matter that has been bugging the startup, EasyParcel is the first web based courier delivery platform and e-commerce shipping solution provider in Southeast Asia. easyParcel provides web-based courier services that allow users to check for delivery rates and book for delivery services from multiple courier companies in Malaysia.

“EasyParcel is like for hotels. We are for courier services,” Clement Chau, Operation Manager of Exabytes Venture told us.

Exabytes Network joined a venture with EziVoucher (previously a deal site from Penang) and formed Exabytes Venture Sdn Bhd. Exabytes Venture previously runs easyCorner, a magazine that talks about local Penang happenings, lifestyle, events, etc. Going further, they have now founded EasyParcel which is a project under Exabytes Group, a leading web and e-commerce hosting provider in Malaysia.

EasyParcel is co-founded by Chan Kee Siak (founder of Exabytes Network) and Clarence Leong (founder of EziVoucher). EasyParcel had a Beta launched in the late April 2014 and a soft launch on June 2014. During the soft launch, they managed to attract a few thousand early bird registrations and grow its customer base by over 150%!

“We understand that high shipping cost will turn your customers away while the normal mail service will take a long time to reach your buyer. Most of the courier companies require company registration, office address and a monthly committed volume in order to use their services,” Clement informed us. To counter these complications, easyParcel provides an easy solution to it by doing everything online.

“Process flow of getting something done has been evolved simpler especially with the introduction of the generation Y that are born closely connected with the IT era,” he added.

The ordering process is simple and basically takes around a couple of minutes to complete. First you have to pick a courier service after choosing a ‘to and from’ location for your parcel along with the weight of the parcel. Then, you schedule the pick-up date and submit the collection and delivery address. Lastly, you will need to submit the payment confirmation and pick up arrangement, and you are done!

So if you have a parcel booked on Monday, it will be collected by the courier service the next day and your receiver will be able to get hold of the parcel on Wednesday, simple as that. Plus, sender will be able to choose multiple courier services in a single order and also track all shipments at a glance.

I inquired how EasyParcel maintain the competitive advantage of its collaborated courier partners since they all provide the same service. Clement kindly explained that:

“We work very closely with every each of the courier partners, as every each of them are good in specific areas of the business such as location, service provided, same day pick up & delivery, specific time delivery, cold chain delivery and etc.”

“Sourcing for competitive shipping rate and secure delivery service for buyer can be very challenging,” he added.

Clement informed us that they look forward to branching out to Southeast Asia and that EasyParcel is very likely to expand its delivery services to Singapore in the future (possibly in 2015). Their aim is to make every e-commerce merchant’s life easier by providing their online service. In addition, we were told to anticipate more features and integration of them with other multiple e-commerce platform as well as courier partners that will soon provide international delivery, same-day pick up and probably even same-day delivery.

“From local postal services to snail mail; from snail mail to next day international deliveries; and further down to Cash On Deliveries; Food and Beverages deliveries to your door steps just at your fingertips. Is this the final destination of the evolution? The answer is NO, that’s why we are so passionate about what we are doing now in bringing everything to the next level.”

EasyParcel has been nominated in the MSC Malaysia APICTA awards and has been invited as an exhibitor at Web Summit held early November this year in Dublin, Ireland. In addition, they have emerged as one of top 20 award winner for the Cradle Coach & Grow Programme. Despite the growth of the company, easyParcel continues to give back to the community. For example, they participated in a CSR project at the Penang International Science Fair 2014 where they educated children on how to make a delivery on a mini Segway, sponsored by Leadway Malaysia.

EasyParcel provides the convenience of e-commerce to its users. Merchants will no longer need to waste time or to be stuck in the traffic on the way to post office or having to wait in a long queue. Time is cut off from writing air way bills too. With easyParcel, everything is automated and it saves a lot of time so that merchants can focus more on their sales and marketing. Besides that, they can expect a huge cost save when they start to top up and use easyParcel.

Here is a short video on how EasyParcel works:

Source: Vulcan Post