Unimaginable Throwback

It’s been a great 2015, the EasyParcel team had a really awesome year. I would say that our effort pays off that we accomplished so many unimaginable achievements over the year. I’m so proud of my team and we would like to also express our deepest gratitude to you for supporting us along the road. I believe that the EasyParcel team will do whatever it takes to provide the best service to you.

This is the EasyParcel 2015 throwback:-

  1. Tons of exciting new features – Our Research and Development team had been grinding hard on providing great features to ease our customer over the course of the year. This team is customer oriented that they are consistently developing new features and great integration to suit every customer’s need.
  2. We have more than 50,000 EasyParcel users  – Just in a year time, we have 50,000 users that are using our service. Wow, an unimaginable amount. All this is thanks to our customer who have been supporting us throughout this year.
  3. We are the MCAP Finalist – Yes, we are. We are the Mobile Challenge Asia Pacific Finalist. We were invited to compete with great startups from all around Asia Pacifics in Hawaii. It is an honor to be one of the MCAP finalist. We believe this is one of the greatest achievement we had this year.
  4. EasyParcel was chosen to receive ADIF – EasyParcel was among the 6 tech companies in Malaysia to receive the funding of Rm12.5 million known as the Axiata Digital Innovation Fund (ADIF). This will allow EasyParcel to have the upper hand to grow in the digital sphere.
  5. We will be hitting our million parcels soon – You will have to believe us if we say that we will be hitting our million parcels delivered soon. At first, we couldn’t even believe the amount when we had the reveal that we will be hitting it so soon. Here, we would like to thank all our customers for using our service.
  6. We had a team building in Penang Escape Theme Park – In EasyParcel, we work hard and we play hard as well. Our company had organized a team building trip to Penang Escape Theme Park where we can have some outdoor activities going on such as climbing, swinging from tree and many more. In addition to that, we are able to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life for a while. This gives the team a chance to relax and charge up.
  7. EasyParcel is the Co-Organizer of MIBS – EasyParcel was the co-organizer of Malaysia Internet Business Summit (MIBS) of 2015. It’s a golden privilege to be part of it as MIBS is a momentous grand scale annual Internet Business Summit that is only held once a year. This is an event where great knowledge were shared, intensive learning and networking can be done among top influential industry such as Twitter, Zalora, Google and many more.
  8. EasyParcel was the Best Local Startups of 2015 – EasyParcel was chosen by Says as one of the Best Local Startups of 2015. We are excited to have EasyParcel being featured and we are keen to propel EasyParcel forward in providing the best online booking platform for courier services.

This 8 events were just part of the throwback of EasyParcel in year 2015. We do still have a lot of exciting event that occur in EasyParcel. To put all in 1 word, “AWESOME”.

We do believe the more AWESOME has yet to come and we’re looking forward to it. So please do stay with us for more awesome discovery and innovations in 2016.

I hope you had an awesome year in 2015 just like we do.

Thank you.


Yours sincerely,

Clarence Leong

CEO of EasyParcel