WooCommerce Integration

One more new member is here to join the Integration Family which is the WooCommerce. One of the widely use online shopping cart in the world. Follow the step by step guide below to integrate your store with EasyParcel easily:


How To Set Up WooCommerce Integration?

Step 1: Click “Tools”.

Step 2: Click on “Bulk Delivery Tools”.

Step 3: Choose “WooCommerce”.

Step 4: Click “Add New Store”.

Step 5: Fill up the details. For consumer key and consumer secret guided tutorial, click on the question mark symbol beside the bar.

Step 6: Click “Submit”.

Step 7: Your integration is completed.

Using WooCommerce Integration

Step 1: Click “View Details”.

Step 2: To import your order, click the “Import Item(s)” button. Your WooCommerce order must be in “Processing” status in your store for the “Import Item(s)” function to work or you can use our “Auto Import” function that will import your order every 4 hours.


Step 3: To forward your order to payment, select your desired order or all order using the check box given.


Step 4: Choose your desired collection date.


Step 5: Click “Send to Basket” and you will be directed to payment process.



Step 5: Click “Send to Merge” to merge your order if the orders have the same address and you will be directed to payment process.