Having a package lost in the mail is frustrating. There are few actions that senders can take to ensure your parcel arrives safely at receiver’s destination.

1. Write down airway bill number on parcels


To prevent parcel loss, it is advisable to write airway bill number on your parcel. Sometimes, airway bill might drop off from the packaging during delivery process. The written airway bill number can still be used as a valid reference to proceed with delivery.

2. Signature on Sender’s Copy during parcel pick up

Desmond WongDesmond WongDesmond Wong Desmond Wong
For every orders made, airway bill is generated in EasyParcel system. One of the copy is Sender’s copy that belongs to the sender for reference. Do make sure that courier representative place his signature on sender’s copy (Salinan Pengirim) upon pick up. This proves that parcel has already passed to courier representative for delivery.