Need to cancel an order? You’re giving the privilege!

If you’re no longer require a collection that you have booked via EasyParcel, we can get your booking cancelled and the credits you have paid to us refunded back to your account.

You’ll get refund on cancellation when

Missed Pick Up
Mistakenly Selected Wrong Courier
Inaccurate Parcel Weight
Customer Canceled Order
Duplicate Orders

3 Simple Ways To Cancel Your Collection

Manual Cancellation

It’s the most simple and express way for you to cancel the order that you no longer needed. With this manual way, the status of parcel will automatically update on your dashboard without worrying missed any reply from our support team, which may resulted in no refund from courier company.  Cheers!

Live Chat

Urgent to cancel your order? Just drop a line for our support team via Live Chat, which is open from Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm (exclude public holiday) and they will be able to notify the courier company to make the collection to not come and take your item.


If you’ve purchased extra insurance or instant pay for your booking, here’s your way for cancellation. Send us an email at  with tracking number and reason for cancellation. From here, you might experience late reply as our support team might need more time to cancel your insurance / payment with third parties.

Check Out Simple Steps Below On How To Cancel Your Order

cancel order 1 A

Step 1: Click on the “All Shipment” and choose “domestic” or “international” order that you want to cancel.

Capture 2 A

Step 2: Click at the order that you want to cancel and next click the cancel button at the below.

capture 3 A

Step 3: Choose the reason request for the below and click “OK”.

Capture 4 A

Step 4: Click “OK” to confirm your order will be requested.

Capture Aa



Step 1: Click “Contact Us”.

Capture Bb

Step 2: Click “Enquiry” and next click “General Enquiry“. Now you can contacted our support team for immediate assistance.

In case we haven’t get back to you when the rider arrive to make the collection, please do not hand over the parcel as you will then have to pay for the service. Politely refuse the collection so our support team can still issue a refund.
Kindly take note that all booking will be cancel through system without refund if the parcel does not scan into system after 7 days. If you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us at