Great news to eBay merchants! Your delivery booking process will be further simplified with this integration feature. Link your eBay seller account with EasyParcel and get every 4 hours automatically import order system.


Step 1: Click on “Tools”.

Step 2: Click on “Bulk Delivery Tools”.

Step 3: Click on “eBay”.

Step 4: Click “Add New Store”.

Step 5: Click “Link ebay Seller Account”.

Step 6: Key in your “Email or username” and “Password” to Sign In.

Step 7: Click “Agree”.

Step 8: Key in your “Shop Name”.

Step 9: Click “Submit”.

Step 10: Your integration is completed.


Step 1: Click “View Details”.

Step 2: Click on “Import Item(s)” to import your order from eBay to EasyParcel.

Step 3: To forward your order to payment, select your desired order or all order using the check box given.

Step 4: Key in your collection date.

Step 5: Click “Send to Basket” and you will be directed to payment process.

*Do take note that you are only able to import eBay orders once. The same eBay orders are not able to be imported again once you deleted in EasyParcel side.

There you have it, the step-by-step guide on how to integrate your eBay store and how to use it.