Do you have many shipments to track?
Feeling frustrated having to track all your shipments one by one?

Now we are proud to introduce the new EasyTrack that could ease your life. With this enhanced version of EasyTrack, you can track your shipments from 40 different couriers worldwide ALL AT ONCE!

How To Use The Enhanced EasyTrack System?

Step 1:

  • Insert up to 15 tracking numbers or EasyParcel order numbers in the columns provided.
    ** Yes, we provide up to 15 columns to put in**
  • Next, click “Track”.

Step 2:

  • The latest shipment status of all orders will be summarized and shown in a single page.
  • You may click into each tracking number for more details.

Step 3:

  • You also can inform your customers with the latest order status update via email or URL.
  • Just click on the “Send Email”and fill in necessary details or “Copy” to share the URL link to your customers.

That’s how the new EasyTrack system works. Now you can save up your times without tracking bulks of shipments one by one. Speedy isn’t it?

If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at