Will you buy a product that has nice and high quality packaging?

Only good and effective packaging can protect the product, keeps safe from any damages.

Packaging can be a theater and it can create a story – Steve Jobs

There is nothing more important than designing a good packaging for your customers. This is because it can represent the good image of a company and creates great branding. Here is some way to impress your customers with packaging.

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Choose Modern Packaging Rather Than Bad Packaging

  • People are a visual creature. Modern, eye-catching and attractive packaging is one of the way you can impress your customers especially for those who loves luxurious items such as watch, perfumes and others.
  • Modern Packaging can bring a big impact in increasing awareness, number of customer visit into the website and conversion rate.
  • Customer that pay more for a single expensive item expects to get a modern packaging compare to the cheap style packaging. Make sure that the packaging are made of the highest quality material and look trustworthy.
  • Good packaging should also reflect the personality of a company. For example, green and modern packaging means that the companies is more concern to recyclable and innovative.

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Put Some Effort On The Package Appearance

  • Appearance of the package will be your customers first impression when they receive their parcel.
  • One of the effective ways to help your customers identify the product among others is to increase the appearance of the package by putting company names and logos.
  • Green packaging is one of the best choice for eco-friendly customers. Most customers may prefer recycled box rather than using a recyclable box.
  • Minimalist packaging will be also a good choice because it uses fewer material to make it. Furthermore, tape branded with customer name and logo is also advisable due to the low cost compare with the branded box. Packing can double as a storage as it should be durable, compact and easy to use.

Source: https://subscriptionschool.com/guide/stickers-versus-custom-packaging/

Use White Box As Packaging Myth

  • Color of the packaging is always the most important thing to build good image of the company that will influence the growth rate of the company.
  • Different colors will bring different message for the customers such as comforting, fun, conservative, attractive and luxury.
  • White box packaging with logo printed on the exterior will the best choice for e-commerce business because it provide a clean, neat and elegant image. On top of that, it primarily concentrates the customer to remember their logo. But on the down side, there will be unwanted marks and dirt that may affect the packaging.

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/534661786991507235/

 Opening the box

  • Despite great appearance of the package, the interior design is crucial as well.
  • Branding is important for an e-commerce business especially in the packaging. You may have your company logo printed on the inside, or have your company’s color scheme printed as the interior.
  • Placing colored or printed tissue papers in shipment will be the cheaper option.
  • For more sensitive or fragile item, you include packaging peanut to fill the space between the item and the box as packaging peanut can help withstand multiple shocks and prevent unwanted damage.

Source: http://blog.customboxesnow.com/category/recycling-environmentally-friendly-boxes/

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